#WinOverWinter With This DIY Runners Toolkit

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#Winoverwinter DIY Runners Tookit

Now that winter season is upon us, we have to better prepare for running in cooler climates! As you may or may not know – I dislike running in the winter, but when you have goals – it just has to be done. After a great running season, winter running takes a little extra preparation. This is also a time where myself (and many others) tend to get sick and find ourselves dealing with minor colds, aches, and pains. To help with getting back into the swing of this running thing, I’ve created a toolkit to help you win over winter.

Step 1: Let’s begin with what we need:

General Pain Relief – Aisle A18 – Target
  1. A Target location near you to pick up all the goods we’re about to get into (since that’s where everyone gets ALL the things, right?)
  2. A cool container, bin, bag, display – or what have you. Something cute, make it festive – this kit will be essential for the winter. Who knows, you might even want to give it to a runner bud for Christmas 🙂

Step 2: What’s In The Toolkit & Why?

  • MOTRIN® IB – Now I’m not saying to hit the Motrin after every single run, but – it will definitely come in handy for the minor pains you may have post run. I found it in Target’s general pain relief aisle (A18), it may vary according to your store.

    Motrin IB
  • Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream – If you’re in need of some deep penetrating relief for those muscles, this is what you’ll need. I also found this is the general pain relief aisle, which could vary by location.

    Bengay Ultra Strength
  • Tissues – I know I’m not the only one that gets so cold that I can’t even feel my nose running. Tissues are a must have, especially if you’re in a situation like that! When running you could literally face a cold breeze and boom! you’ll need those tissues.
  • Epsom Salt – Isn’t a nice hot bath just wonderful? It’s even more wonderful with some Epsom Salt in it to get all up in those muscles. It’ll help loosen up that stiff feeling your muscles may have.
  • Hot/Cold Pack – Since we have a method for loosening up our muscles (heat), I thought it would also be smart to include something that would help with inflammation. The cold could affect this, and many runners deal with inflammation of the joints. Put that cold pack to work! The best thing about it is that it could also be used as a hot pack.

Step 3: Set It Up

Setup the inside, design etc, of your toolkit and make sure you have enough space everything. Arrange all of your products you’ve purchased from step 2 neatly inside the kit you’ve chosen.

Winter Toolkit!

Step 4: Get started

Head over to your local Target, grab the goods, set it up, arrange said goods and you’re set for the winter! This was just an idea to get your motor running – what would you include in your winter toolkit?