United Airlines NYC Half 2016 (Race Recap)

My running season has officially started! This past Sunday I completed my first United Airlines NYC Half Marathon so here’s my race recap! In the days leading up to the event I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it. The forecast had showed snow and low twenties, which isn’t my cup of tea when it comes to running. Call it what you want, but I am not a fan of running in the cold, rain, or snow. Okay, maybe I could tolerate some rain if it was warm….. But wet socks are the worst!

Chris and I after the race!

Anyhow, I had it set in my mind that I wasn’t doing the race until the night before. Suddenly the forecast had cleared up and bumped up ten degrees. Still cold, but not wet so I really had no excuse. I planned to run with one of my fellow running mates for the entire race (really so he can keep me in check, as I tend speed up at certain moments, or walk if I feel tired). We met up in the corrals at 7:45 and I was frozen but still excited. Although I’ve done several races, there’s something about seeing thousands of runners getting ready in their corrals that makes me anxious.

The Race 
We started out slow and steady. It was cold so it was important to get our bodies a little warm before we carried on normally. There’s also a killer hill in the park so we had to play smart when it came to moving quick. The first 3 miles were a breeze, the sun was out and everything was flowing just perfectly. The next two miles we had to kill the hill or…. the hill will kill you. We took it slow all the way up and enjoyed the smaller rolling hills in between. The hardest part of the race was already done and I was feeling great. I didn’t layer TOO much, so I was able to unzip my sweater and feel fine.

We proceeded out the park and the rest of the race was relatively flat so it was easy to keep on target. Running straight up into Times Square was fun since no other race has that course feature. There were people cheering, bands playing music and cars blasting music along the way so it made for a fun cruise through Times Square out onto the West Side Highway.

The weather had been perfect, the sun was out all of the way – but turning out onto the highway it got a bit chilly and it made me a little stiff. That killer breeze just smacked you, but it was over quickly. It was a straight shot up the West Side Highway¬†miles 8 through 12, then through the Battery Park underpass (where the wind blew me forward) to the end. Even though I did a race day no-no (trying new fuel) I was able to finish feeling great and with energy in the tank. As mentioned earlier, this was my first time running this race, and although it turned out to be wonderful it will probably be the last as it’s always too cold!

First race of the season has been knocked out, and I think I’m in pretty good shape for my next full marathon, which is the NJ Marathon on May 1st. Let the season go on and the training continue!