The Latest Recap Ever: AirBnB Brooklyn Half 2015, Spartan Sprint Citifield & More!


It’s been a while since I’ve written a personal update so bare with me as this one might be a bit much! Since my last update I mentioned I was training for the Brooklyn Half Marathon and with guidance from my awesome coach I was able to shave 24 minutes off my last half time for a 2:18 finish. I initially aimed for 2:15 but I’ll take 2:18 over 2:42 any day. The race went very well despite the very rainy 3 miles through prospect park. If I could have done anything different I would have not taken much time at the water stops. All else called for a perfect race day that turned out to be sunny once we reached the finish line on the Coney Island Boardwalk.

A week before the Brooklyn Half I also completed my first (and most likely last) Spartan Sprint at CitiField in Queens NYC. It was actually pretty fun but I took my time to avoid injuring myself. I completed it with just a small bruise on my right thigh. I don’t think these races are my type of thing but I did enjoy jumping over 6 foot walls and doing 10 too many burpees. They barely got any photos of me and my co worker on the course but these finisher shots are fun too.




In between time from my last update I also packed and moved to a new apartment so that has definitely taken up a lot of my time in addition to work! Now I’m almost settled all the way in and I am getting right back into another training plan for my first full marathon which will be the TCS NYC Marathon on November 1st 2015. Oh let the fun times begin. I’m totally looking forward to it. That will start next week!


(U-Haul fun with my eldest brother!)


(Yeah… that’s some of my stuff……. lol!)

This week I’ve managed to hop in the pool, TWICE – so I’ll be getting back to adding some swimming into my program. That’s the only way I can get better, if I keep at it so I’ll try to get a swim in as often as I can…… Triathlon in the future? Maybe. Let’s get through that first full marathon first. One step at a time!

After the #UAEHK10K race today with some of my #TeamLeanStrongFast family! A photo posted by ✨Janelle R.✨ (@nellesworld) on  

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