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#TCSNYCMarathon Training: Running Bridges in New York City

Happy August!

Training for a full marathon is like having another job. Between working and training I haven’t had much of a break – but I try not to complain as I know it will be worth it on race day. As of today I am in week 8 (recovery week) of my training plan, and I must say it’s going pretty well. Despite the heat I am getting my workouts in and I am feeling great. My latest thing is running over bridges. These last few training runs I set out to go over a bridge along the route! Below you can see 3 different routes going over the newly re-opened High-bridge connecting Washington Heights and the Bronx, the Manhattan Bridge, and the Williamsburg Bridge. Epic runs across the board!


This last 12 mile long run from Chelsea to Coney Island via the Manhattan Bridge had to be the most challenging. It was very hot and humid even though we started in the early morning. Half-way through I wanted to give up. I knew I would be doing a long run so I made sure to properly hydrate but It was still hard. I’m not sure who told me to run with coconut water but after I ditched that, got a bottle of regular water and ran through a sprinkler in the park I was good to go again. I managed to push through and ended at a park with another sprinkler too cool off, so that was nice and very much needed.

I’ve also been trying to share a bit more about what I eat but it is difficult to keep up with since I am always on the go. Chicken has usually been my go-to meat but I’m a little over it at the moment. I was inspired by some of my other run-buds to try some other recipes and I ended up making curry tofu, tofu stir fry, and there’s more to come from that! Let me know the fun things you are making, kitchen inspiration is always welcome, as I love to cook and eat! 😀


In other news, I haven’t got to swim much but I did manage to last week…. Need to step that up but it’s easier said than done. I’ll circle back with another fun update soon! I’ll be running the Queensboro and  Brooklyn Bridges for my next runs, hopefully getting more swimming done and….. MAYBE a brick workout or two. We will see! Feel free to chat with me below or on Instagram/Twitter @Nellesworld.

Photo credit: @LetsGoJames of Lets Go Imagery