Wind Down and Sip Customized Drinks With The Ripple Maker PM

I recently attended a happy hour hosted by Ripples where they showcased the latest from their line, The Ripple Maker PM. The Ripple Maker AM is used to create personalized images and messages on your favorite foam topped morning coffees, lattes as well as beers. It’s a great way to make happy hours and gatherings more interactive and fun.

The Ripple Maker PM now allows you to print selfies and other personalized messages on cocktails, martinis, and other fun “PM” drinks. For me, I’d say… post race cocktails (don’t need to hit the PM to celebrate, LOL).

I got a chance to check it out and took a sip of my own selfie! Okay, it was a “Tropical Lady” summer drink, but with my selfie printed on the top of it using 3d printing technology. It took SECONDS to make and it was pretty fun. Wondering how I did it? Pretty simple. You can download the Ripples App on iOS or Android and find out what locations near you have Ripple Makers available for you to send your image to. You can also use Ripples Assistant Bot via Facebook Messenger by taking a picture of the barcode at your location (which is what I did), select it and chatbot will guide you. Sit your cup on the tray and it brings the drink up and prints within 10 seconds using malt to create your image.

Whether you’re winding down after a long week, or  post race or activity – check out the Ripples app and see where you can have some fun with customized beverages at a participating location near you!

See the photos below!


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