The Racktrap bra pocket is the perfect accessory for the woman who is always on the go. Whether you’re out and about with the kids, enjoying a fitness class or running a marathon – you could definitely use the one size fits all Racktrap.

You’re probably laughing, but this is really a thing. The many cashiers I’ve handed sweaty money to will be very thankful. I thought the putting things in your bra thing was something I just picked up from my mom, but nope! There’s plenty of us out there who do it, and I’ve come across the perfect accessory.



At the gym I usually put my keys in my bra so I won’t leave them behind. Using the Racktrap I was able to just put it in my bra along with some cash and my card so I could go right to the cafe area post workout without going back to my locker to grab my wallet. It’s snug, secure, and holds just what you need it to. As a runner, it also comes in handy as most of my running shorts don’t have big enough pockets and I always like to carry my insurance card and some money just in case. I ran the United Airlines NYC half with my Racktrap handy (the sweat-proof version of course). I got home after the race and began to strip my workout gear and was shocked by something falling out of my bra. Oh, I forgot that was in there. That’s how comfy it is!

I also found that it’s the best solution for the times I decide to wear pants with no pockets. If only I could find somewhere to put my giant smartphone… But at least the Racktrap had me covered and I could still carry my money, debit card and metro card on me. Reactions pulling it out are always fun too.
It’s simple, inexpensive and very handy! The Racktrap is one size fits all (I’m part of the itty bitty titty committee and it fits just fine).


Racktrap – sweatproof!

It comes in a fashion 3 pack (white, nude & black) for $15.95; the sweat-proof version (which is only blue) is $9.95 and the new GOLD edition for $7.95. Money well spent and you can keep the things you need with you without lugging a bag around. Simply put, if you wear a bra, you could use a Racktrap! Visit for more information!

*Disclaimer: I was provided with a sweat-proof Racktrap for review. All opinions are my own.



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