Queens 10K and Achilles Hope & Possibility 5-Miler Recap

Checking back in with another update! This one is actually on my last two races which were the Queens 10K and the Achilles Hope and Possibility 5-miler.


For starters, the night before the Queens 10K we were expecting heavy rain and flooding so the race start time was pushed back from 8am to 9am. Alright cool, that means I got an extra half hour of sleep. Usually the commute to that part of Queens is never a joyride for me so I wasn’t looking forward to it. Luckily they had extra express trains running and I actually got there really quickly from my place. The day was sticky and hot from the humidity and we hadn’t even run yet so you can imagine how this race was by that description already.


I was in one of the back corrals aiming to finish – no time goal aka “Sexy Pace”. Yep, I took my time. I just used it as my training run for the week so running hard wasn’t on my agenda – besides if it was I would have been doomed anyway. The beginning was elbow to elbow with other runners of all paces for a long time which actually made me a bit frustrated. Some moments I actually had to stop and go around people and anyone who has done one of these large races knows how I feel. Anyway, I completed the race in a little over an hour at turtle pace in my book complete with dirt and mud all over my legs. Sweet. It was so hot, yes I did take off my shirt. After, I caught up with a lot of my other run buds, took plenty of photos then went for a bite. That’s usually my typical race day routine. Run. Smile. Eat. Repeat!!


The Achilles 5-Miler was also another wet one but a bit more chilly. Did I mention it’s supposed to be Summer?!?! This rain just won’t let up. Anyway, it’s for a great cause so the group of athletes I train with dubbed Team Lean Strong Fast run by the best Coach ever (@LeanStrongFast) came out in numbers and we had a blast! I finished just under 50 minutes and it was very comfortable. This is my preferred course running in Central Park because it’s more downhill than up – who wouldn’t like that? Overall I enjoyed it despite the weather. I waited with my other run buds for everyone in the group to finish and we all did the usual – smiled for photos, chatted about the race then went our separate ways. Of course you know I went to brunch and grubbed on a nice fat Turkey burger with sweet potato fries 🙂 can’t go wrong!

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My next race isn’t for quite some time but I will be updating with my marathon training progress, things I’ve been eating, reviews and more. I am in week 3 of my 20 week program, which hasn’t gotten off to the best start due to personal issues but – I will let you know what’s going on! Stick around! Thanks for reading and feel free to drop a line if you want to chat! I don’t bite!


Photo credit: @LetsGoJames of Lets Go Imagery