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Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 – True Wireless Sport (Review)

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit 3100 are true wireless sports headphones that allow you to get your workout done truly free of any wires at all. These launched in the fall and since then I’ve taken these bad boys for a couple of spins and here’s the tea on them!


I have to admit I wasn’t excited when I saw similar ear tips to the BackBeat Fit model but these were actually softer and sit nicer in the earlobe. Coming from using the BackBeat Fit 305 model, I was used to the super snug fit but these don’t provide that. The ear hooks do sit fine on my little ears without fuss or discomfort. I was even able to log miles on the pavement with them and my glasses on at the same time. That’s usually a challenge with fitness headphones for me. It also would have been a plus if the ear tips had different sizes.

Lost your headset?

If you’re still connected to your device you can activate the find my headset feature in the BackBeat app and it’ll send an alert sound to the headset. If you’re not connected it’ll display a map to let you know where you could start looking for it. Cool feature, but I haven’t had to use it so far. With these, I’m sure someone would find it useful as its two separate earpieces.


Out of the box, connecting to my iPhone wasn’t hard and it was pretty flawless. The connection even stood strong through my whole workout with my moving around but near enough to my phone. On the second use I paired the set but for some reason the left ear wasn’t playing anything. I had to turn it on separately and I thought that was weird. It literally only played music in my right ear. From then the connection drops here and there but only on the left side.

Battery life

On a full charge, you can expect 5 hours of listening time and that’s accurate. Using the app you can see how much battery you have left, you can assign a tap to tell you how much you have left in your ear or you can view it on your device. The very attractive charging case gives you up to 10 additional hours of listening time. That’s something PLT always does well with…. you won’t be with a dead headset for sure.


Each ear has a button with tap functions that you can change to either activate Siri, start a playlist, and more. The main function on the right ear is press play and the left being the volume. Tapping turns the volume up and holding down the tap button will bring the volume down.

The 13mm drivers pump decent sound to keep you moving but bass levels are definitely not booming, as the Always Aware feature allows you to still hear your surroundings ensuring a safer workout.  These are more for the convenience of being truly wireless and comfortable for your sweat session, not really for a party in your ears.

The Bottom Line

I was excited about the true wireless earbuds,¬† but the spotty connectivity is is really annoying problem when you’re in the groove of a workout. On the pro side they will provide good sound for your workout while allowing you to still hear your surroundings and they are pretty spot on with battery life.


Available now for $149.95 via Plantronics HERE or on Amazon HERE.

*(price may vary from time of posting)