NYRR Social #R_U_N5K Race Recap


[Corral lineup! Photo by Chris P.]
Last night NYRR held their social RUN 5K in Central Park and I was there in the flesh with a bunch of my run buds. Initially I wanted to use this race for my 5K PR but since my leg was in slight pain from the previous day I decided to “take it easy”.
NYRR Social #R_U_N5K Race Recap Geekfitlifestyle
NYRR Social #R_U_N5K Race Recap2 Geekfitlifestyle
[On the run! Photos by Marlon B aka Coach!]
For some reason my GPS watch had started when I crossed the start on a different mode so I couldn’t see the time or pace per mile as I was running the entire race. I think I had set it to distance because it just showed me the distance with an arrow. In the beginning I felt like I had darted off too fast and would stop midway. Boy was I wrong! Since I was already very thirsty and hungry before the race I stopped for a second at the mile 2 water stop which cost me a few seconds.
Moving right along, I went ahead and little did I know, the finish was just around the bend. I wish the finish line would come that quick for my other races, maybe I just need to be in a hurry for those, too! (I kid). At this time I was almost in full speed but had to slow down because there were so many runners approaching the finish line at the same time. I had two runners directly on both of my sides and had to stop short, touching their backs because I had almost run right into them. Despite the crowd on the course I managed to finish this sweet 5K in 28:07 at 9:03 pace and would definitely do it again. Not too bad!
They gave us Popsicles after and that made it all worth it! Perfect way to end a nice summer evening with friends. Since it was a social event there were plenty of venues hosting with discounted drinks and other fun stuff but I am a granny so I took my behind home. I was already spent! Unless I sign up for another last minute race, my next race is scheduled for September, NYRR’s Bronx 10-Mile race. So until then I will continue on my marathon plan and keep posting!

Ciao till next update! 😉