Back on The Pavement: NYRR Fred Lebow Cross Country 5K Recap

Exactly two weeks after the TCS New York City Marathon, I returned to the pavement. I got a nice long workout in during this past week which was 1000yd swim, 10min bike and about half a mile run on the track (so I don’t count that, hehe).  Yesterday I completed the Fred Lebow Cross Country Championships 5K out in Van Courtlandt Park in the Bronx. I had never done a CC race prior to this, so it was a new experience. I also hadn’t run in Van Courtlandt Park prior to this race, so I didn’t know what to expect.

The race started later in the day, which I wasn’t too mad about because I got to sleep in. I arrived with an hour to spare for warm up and stretch. At about 11:20 we were called to the non-existent start line. More like…. To the grass. We lined up in a big bunch in the wet grass and after the gun blew we took off from there completing this loop and going right up into this wooded area. The hills as announced earlier in the morning were indeed challenging but I still managed to enjoy it.

Of course since I’m not used to running on this type of course I had to be very careful of my footing so I wouldn’t trip over any logs or sticks. Once at the top the next challenge was not to roll down the hill or trip on a log and fly down the hill. I was being pulled down at a much faster rate than I would have liked of course but soon enough I was out of the wooded area back onto the gravel running toward the finish line. Although I didn’t finish in my goal time, I did pretty well for such a course. I also had fun and was happy to be feeling good on my first run back. I finished with an official time of 29:58. I’ll be taking it light until my next race which might be sometime soon while I’m on vacation in California. If not, the Dallas Half Marathon is officially next up.