NYC 10K 2016 (Race Recap)

The NYC 10K is one of the few races that my running team always does together since it’s a fun, flat and quick course. This is the race you sign up for to get your PR…. Not that I PR’ed or anything yesterday.

NYC 10K for breakfast this morning. It was a beautiful day to run by the water!

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I arrived at the race about 13 minutes after everyone started, but it’s cool I wasn’t the last one. I’ve taken a bit of a break since the Brooklyn half in May since that was a big month for me (NJ Marathon, Brooklyn Half and Sprint triathlon). I’ve only been running a few miles here and there so this race was exciting and the day turned out to be perfect. I thought it was going to be cold and I found myself burning up in the layers I had on.
I started on the course and was by myself for the majority of the first loop. I ran into some others that were still on their first loop as well and the lead runner breezed by me ending his second loop as I was mid way through my first. I thought I was going the wrong way because I saw the mile marker for 5 and knew for sure I didn’t run 5 miles that quick. The water station folk reminded me it’s just a double loop and to keep running. Shout out to them for volunteering for the running community – always appreciated.


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On the second loop my muscles were finally feeling warmed up and I just enjoyed the sights along the beautiful waterfront. It turned out to be a beautiful sunny day – the total opposite of what this race was like last year. I made a right, up this slight hill that lasted about 10 seconds and down another one smoothly to the finish line road. Easy paced 10K on a beautiful Sunday complete for breakfast.


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