New York City 10K 2015 Race Recap: Damp Days Call for PRs!

This past weekend I ran the New York City 10K with a bunch of my run buds on Roosevelt Island. Although the morning was damp and chilly, I set a new PR for my 10k distance!

new york city 10k 2015
After the NYC 10k on Roosevelt Island


Thinking about my previous 10K races where I had less training and mileage behind me – this one was very special and is a result of hard work. Before I spill my time let’s look at my previous 10K races and compare. In June for the Queens 10K it was quite muggy and started an hour late + was elbow to elbow so I was irritated. I also found myself tired quickly and a portion of it I even walked. I earned the time of 1:06:54.

After the Queens 10K!

Now for the UAE Healthy Kidney 10k…. It was a very hot summer day and this was a hard 6 miles I hated every step of the way. By the looks of my face in race photos – clearly I wanted it to be over before it even started. It’s always something huh? I earned a time of 1:10:06 that time around.

UAE Healthy kidney 10k
Run Buds, Coach & ! after the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K!

Fast forward to October 25, 2015 – where I’ve been a lot more focused and working a lot harder because of marathon training, I was able to kill the distance. It was wet, it started to rain and it got a tad windy but I didn’t stop. I also had an advantage because the course was flat and fast. I also had to keep in mind the pavement was wet – can’t get too excited and slip. I was able to keep up my pace and earned a time of 55:35 – making that my 11 minute 10K PR for the season. Woop! Work hard. Train hard. See results! Okay maybe I’m a bit dramatic, but it’s a big deal to me! Kudos to my run coach Marlon who has played a huge part in my training. NEXT UP: The NYC Marathon!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for that recap next week!


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