Motorola has entered the fitness wearable ring with the Moto 360 Sport watch. It has been dubbed “your new workout partner” and thanks to them, I was able to put it to the test. Over the course of a few weeks I used the watch on a daily basis for tasks as well as for my weekly runs, long and short. Lets get into the deets.

Moto 360 Sport Watch Review - GeekFitLifestyle

Hardware Specs

  • Watch case dimensions: 45mm diameter by 11.5mm high
  • Weight: 54g
  • Battery: 300mAh – Up to a full day of mixed use with Ambient on.5
    Wireless charging with charging dock included
  • Processor: Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 400 with 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU (APQ 8026)
    Adreno 305 with 450MHz GPU
  • Memory: 4GB internal storage + 512MB RAM8
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy; Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • Heart Rate Sensor: Optical heart rate monitor (PPG)
  • Dual Digital Mics
  • IP67 dust and water resistant6 – Not waterproof



The Moto 360 sport features a strong silicone band that is great for working out because it doesn’t absorb sweat or stain. As you can see from the photos, the white band is still very clean and I’ve used this watch over a few weeks already. The band is not interchangeable like other Moto watches, so be wise with what you choose because you will be stuck with that color! It also comes in sport black and sport flame.


The Moto 360 Sport features the worlds first hybrid screen that automatically adapts to natural light levels. The AnyLight feature makes for an easier visual experience whether you’re indoors using the LCD screen or if you’re outside on a run using natural light. The screen is mostly always sharp! Looking from the side you get a trippy effect on the screen, but it’s not too bad. As you can see from these photos the light will always adjust for easy readability. Many other sport watches don’t have this feature so this is where the Moto 360 Sport stands out.


Fitness Apps

To my surprise, this watch has made for a great workout companion. You can add fitness apps in your profile, so that after your workout is complete and the watch has it saved, it will sync and publish on those apps as well. It’s so much easier than manually logging it into these different apps…. Who does that anymore?

GPS/Running Functionality

After a while of playing with the GPS functionality, I finally got it to work, and it works pretty well. The only annoying part is that when you start an outdoor run and it needs to find GPS, it looks for signal in waves of 4 minutes. The very first time I tried to use it I wasted 16 minutes trying to connect it until I gave up and just used it on indoor mode. I reset the watch and was able to use it properly for my next outdoor run. That was inconvenient, but eventually it did work.


Using the Motobody app, you can see the map of the course ran and tons of other stats from your workout. You can filter the graph it displays to show pace, heart rate, and calories burned. It will go into detail following that chart when you scroll down. I find that for fitness enthusiasts this amount of information is great. Even if you’re deeper into running you can get details like how much time you spent in each zone and your average heart rate in that zone. Many athletes train using heart rate and zone training so this feature is great and accurate for the most part. Lastly, all of your splits will show and it’ll highlight the fastest mile for you. The distance and pace using the outdoor running function is on target.

Using the indoor function is a bit frustrating. You get all the same stats minus the map of course, but the pace is so off. After you finish your first indoor run, you are prompted on the screen to make changes and after that screen goes away. You can’t make any edits to the run at all, not even on the app. I found that to be inconvenient as I did not catch the screen on time before it disappeared.

Battery Life

Moto 360 sport is equipped with a 300mAh battery. As advertised, yes it can last a whole day but depending on use. I find that even with the watch face on without brightness, the battery still drains doing nothing. I left the watch in my bag to find it dead in a few hours. In order to get the most of your battery you are better off using the “theater mode” feature which keeps the screen off until you push the right side button to turn it back on. After that you must put it back in that mode – it won’t go back automatically. You can also change the brightness levels from auto or 1-5.

I usually keep it on 1 and take the brightness boost option off. I almost never use it,  but the way you use it can be totally different. You can turn the “always-on screen” option off and that will also save you some juice. To my surprise the watch did survive through a half marathon race. I started with 98% battery and after 2 hours and 16 minutes I had 56% left in the tank. So, yes it can last a day, MAYBE through a marathon depending on your pace – just depends on how you have your settings in place. That may be reaching, though.

I had my display off for majority of the run and I limited the amount of notifications from apps I get directly to the watch to only Facebook messages. If I let it receive every notification my watch would be dead in a few hours. You still have to do WAY too much to try and keep this thing on. You must charge this one everyday (which sucks compared to other fitness watches), because you barely get 24hrs. I usually train with the Garmin Vivoactive and it can last over a week, so Moto falls short here by a long shot.

Other Functions/Management

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to bring your phone with you on the run. You can sync music from your Google play playlists right onto the watch and play it right on your Bluetooth connected headphones. If you did have your phone you can tell the music to play from your watch on your phone. I don’t run with music often but this is a great option for those of you that do. Then again, not sure if you want to have all of these options running, that good ole’ 300mAh battery will be put to work.

It has plenty of other capabilities in addition to being a workout partner. You can customize, have it set alarms for you, get traffic details + directions, answer questions using the web, tell you the weather, translate, find your phone and so much more.

The Bottom Line

Moto 360 Sport has proven to be not only a great fitness partner, but also a great personal assistant. The major downsides are battery life and the price tag. Depending on what you’re looking for in a watch, competitor watches like the Garmin models and many others have much longer battery lives, but with less of the features seen in this watch (and a lower price tag). These are major things one looks for in a fitness watch, but for beginners with the bankroll, this could be an option for you.


You can get your Moto 360 Sport HERE in 3 different colors, retailing at $299.99


*Disclaimer: I was provided with a watch for review. All opinions are my own.


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