Miles for Mommy: TCS NYC Marathon 2015 Race Recap

About a week ago I ran one of the world’s greatest races: the TCS New York City Marathon. It took me a week to gather myself back together. After the race I got a bad head cold that I am still recovering from! No one told me about that! Anyway, it was an experience that I will never forget, let me tell you all about it.

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I had been training for this race for 5 months and it was all worth it the day of. Prior to getting into marathon mode, I had trained for the AirBnB Brooklyn Half marathon where I smashed it and got a 20+ min PR. My mom, who was my biggest fan wanted to come out that day to support but her health wasn’t so great and the doctor wouldn’t allow it. She promised to come to see me run my first marathon so I was anxious to start training so I could show her I could do it. Unfortunately, the week my training started she passed away…. I dedicated all of my training and my race to her. She would be proud of me. It wasn’t always easy but when you train with motivated people who share the same passions as you, you help each other. My runfam helped me through this, more than they know. A huge thanks goes to them as well as my awesome coach.

Arrival: I stood the night in Staten Island the day before the race so I wouldn’t have to go through that crazy commute that I had read about one too many times. I was able to sleep in since I was in the last wave starting at 11am. I left the house at 9AM and was in my village by 9:30. Upon arrival I couldn’t find anyone that I had trained with so I was wandering around. There was terrible phone service so my messages weren’t sending and my calls were failing. Somehow one of my friends got through and I met her under a tent. We started together so I was much more happy since after all this was my first marathon experience. I was nervous and wanted someone to talk to. Happy I found her!


Starting: Waiting in the corral to head to the start was so nerve wrecking but as soon as the cannon blew and we went over the start line I was coming to realize that this was very real. Yes, I was about to run 26 and holy shit I am on the Verrazano bridge. Since it was very crowded and elbow to elbow I decided to take in the view and speed walk. We weren’t going anywhere particularly fast and I had no intentions on going out sprinting like some others did anyway. As I read often, which turned out to be true – mile 1 was my slowest. I started to run at the end of the bridge. Before we even got all the way down I could hear the roars from the Brooklyn crowd welcoming us. Definitely a feeling I will never forget. How could you not want to carry on and move to the beat with all of these amazing people?! I stood focused and continued into Brooklyn.

Brooklyn: Brooklyn was by far the best borough. Many people had mentioned this to me but you don’t really know what they’re talking about until you experience it for yourself. The crowd was nothing short of amazing and it’s just what anyone who is about to take that journey through NYC needs to keep it going. Brooklyn did not disappoint. I found myself moving pretty steady with no issues at all. Soon enough I was already on mile 4, meaning it was time to refuel and tip toe over squashed gatorade cups as I tried not to drown while drinking. I didn’t want to come to a full stop so when it came to the water stations I grabbed my cup and either walked and drank or lightly jogged. You become a pro at this when you run enough races….. but I still managed to get gatorade up my nose. Go figure.


It was that time again, I looked up and I was at mile at by the Barclays center in downtown Brooklyn. There I ran into a few of my training buddies, finally! The energy on that bend was also pretty amazing. There was a live band and some great music playing along with tons of people cheering!! Any runner knows that we definitely feel the energy and feed off of it. The rest of Brooklyn was a steady pace for me, and that’s also where I caught up to the 5:00 pacer. My goal was to keep them in my view at all times being that I wanted 5 or under.

Queens: Getting onto the Pulaski bridge was so boring! The crowd up there was skimp and the people around me screaming with cramps didn’t make it better. I heard someone call my name midway along the bridge – my two friends were there waiting for me! By the time I turned around I was already passed them but it made me really excited! We were in and out of there in a flash so that’s about all of Queens that I remember!


For the remainder of the race all I remember is the crowds and looking up to refuel again. I feel like I was in a trance and it was so unreal. At mile 24ish I started to feel my left leg get tight. As soon as I passed the 25th mile marker it tightened up. I hopped on my right leg while banging my left leg down. I was right by the Gatorade station so I drank 2 cups and some water and kept moving. If I was to stop my leg would have cramped in place and that wasn’t an option so close to the finish line and while I was right on time schedule. When I hit the 800m marker the pain went away. I was able to pretty much keep a speedy pace all the way to the finish line. I’ve read so many race recaps where people were in so much pain, not being able to walk from cramps, horror bathroom trips, etc…. I can’t say anything like that. My race day was perfectly executed. I still can’t believe I ran 26.2 miles.

With the right training I believe anyone can do it. At least once in your life you should run a marathon because the “high” you hear about is very real and what an incredible feeling it was. A whole week later I’m still in a daze. My race day was perfect. I earned a time of 5:00:28 for my first marathon. Yes mama, your 4 pound baby is a marathoner!