JBL announced the launch of their new headphone line dubbed the Synchros E Series. The line includes the Synchros E10 in ear, E30BT, E40BT, and the E50BT. Thanks to JBL, I was able to get my hands on the Synchros E40 Wireless Bluetooth headphones. Here’s the scoop on these bad boys.



The E40BT‘s come in a 5 colors; red, white, blue, black and purple . In addition to the bold color way that is bound to make a statement they are also very snug fitting and lightweight. The leatherette ear cup cushions make the fit very comfortable and also assist with eliminating outside noise. The headband extends easily and the 3D aluminum hinges turn in to assist with comfort. The fact that they are so light weight and not bulky at all is a huge plus. Since I have a small head I’m not a fan of huge over ear headphones but these are in fact the perfect size. Major plus for me.

The functions are located on the left ear, and are pretty straight forward and simple. Toggle from music play to phone calls with the touch of a button  and use the built in Pure Konnexx echo canceling technology to chat it up (with the mic on the left) for up to 24 hours.








Getting the headphones paired was very simple. I’ve paired them with the iPhone 5S, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the HTC One M8.  Once it finds the headphones all you have to do the next time is power on your headphones and flip the bluetooth on and it will automatically connect. It well let you know with a light beep that the headphones are on and that they have been successfully connected. My connection slipped twice while using the iPhone but I was able to pair it back quickly. Not sure why that happened but my music was definitely playing out loud.



These stylish statement headphones boast 40mm powerful drivers with Purebass performance. They are powerful but not over the top. Sometimes depending on the song you listen to, it sounds flat and the bass can be weak. I found that the music I listen to with heavy bass aren’t really the greatest on these headphones. If they were to turn up one extra notch it would be perfect. Songs like Ariana Grande‘s “Problem” sound great because it’s not crazy in bass and her voice is very strong. The instruments sound great too. Kelly Rowland‘s “Need A Reason” is also another track that sounds good, it has less deep bass drops and her voice is crisp. I would say these are my chill headphones because I’m big on bass, I like to feel like I’m at a concert. If they were a little louder/deeper I would make these my go-to’s but they aren’t quite there.

ShareMe Function:

The integrated ShareMe function on these allows you to pair another set of ShareMe enabled headphones to make for a mini concert! All you have to do is connect your device and with the click of a button you can stream music simultaneously for two to enjoy. This is one of my favorite features because I like to share music with my brother and we used to do this with beats but needed all these wires to connect them together. Woot for wireless!

Battery Life

Battery life is great. They are equipped with a rechargeable Li-on  battery that gives you about 16 hours of uninterrupted play time and that’s pretty accurate. I’ve been using mine the past three days for several hours at a time and I’ve charged them for maybe twenty minutes in between. Of course my phone dies before the headphones do. They come with a USB aux cable so you can easily charge them up if you need to. The battery life will display on your phone screen (top right) to let you know how much you have left to rock with. In any event your headphone dies while you’re on the go, just use the included aux cable and plug it into your device.




The JBL Synchros E40BT’s are available at JBL.com for $99.95. Get your pair now! 


The Synchros E40BT wireless headphones are indeed very unique and stylish and the color ways are very bold. They are lightweight, comfortable and have just the perfect volume and OK bass levels. If you are one that listens to songs with heavy bass these may not be ideal for YOU but they are still a great set of headphones with power and style. Pairing, chatting and sharing music are all very easy to do and lastly they are perfectly priced.

Here I am rocking them, too:


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