G. Larry James Legacy 5K + Atlantic City Half (2019 Recap)

This past weekend was packed with miles on the pavement, starting with a 5K on Saturday followed by a half marathon on Sunday. The weather was amazing on Saturday and called for a perfect running day. It was a bit chilly in the morning so I had on a light running long sleeved top… and a jacket.

Definitely a rookie mistake! Five minutes in I was hot but was able to finish strong. Upon crossing the finish I was overwhelmed with nausea but ended up fine. I was definitely overheated.

Sunday was chilly and cloudy. The forecast called for rain and everyone hoped it would hold out for the race, and it did! At least for those doing the half. I had no goal in mind for this race but my run-buddy Nicole wanted to try and push me for a record even if it was by a minute. We started out with a pacer but I had to drop them after mile 5. We went out too fast and I was already feeling burnt by mile 7.

We drew back to a point where I was comfortable. I was never out of breath but my legs were tired. My left thigh was acting up a bit but Nicole pushed me to stay moving even when I felt like I was dying. LOL.

The course was a boring one but well suited for a PR. Although it was all flat, running on the boardwalk for more than 4 miles wasn’t my favorite. There wasn’t really any crowd support until we got back to the boardwalk so if that’s what you’re looking for just take note.

The turn around point for the half literally felt like forever and it played with my mind. You had to run past the side of the finish line then wait for the loop back around. Other runners even asked us from the other side where the turn around was, but alas we did make it. During the last mile the rain started to come down and Nicole was on my heels. I wanted to walk but she didn’t let me. I’m grateful for her, she pushed me past my comfort zone.

We ran in strong and were definitely glad it was over. The course was spacious enough for everyone and never really felt crowded. Crossing the finish line was nice because you didn’t have to battle or bob & weave for a great finisher pic. We crossed and heard our names over the loud speaker and that always makes me feel good.

I’d definitely come back to do the April fools race series is as it’s a great course for a personal record and AC was definitely a nice getaway weekend from the city.