Are You Summer Ready? Tone Up With Slendertone Connect Abs Belt + Giveaway

Today marks the first day of summer and I’m sure you’re ready to enjoy the beaches and pools in your best swimwear. Many of us have spent the entire winter training to make sure our summer bodies are on point! But no fear – if you haven’t, the Slendertone connect abs belt can help you tone up.

What is the Slendertone connect abs belt?

The connect abs is a belt that goes around your abdominal area that uses advanced electrical muscle stimulation and pad placement technology to recruit all abdominal muscles including the obliques, rectus abdominis and the transversus abdominis.

The front of the belt is where you’ll find the Bluetooth controller that is charged via micro USB, and on the opposite side of the belt you have 3 nodes that you put gel pads over. These three areas on the belt is where the current passes through to your abdominal muscles causing them to contract (like they do when you’re working abs).

On the front of the controller you can adjust the intensity of the currents to your liking. Slendertone also has an app in which you could also use to control the intensity of the currents. With the app you can set it up for your specific goals. They have 5 programs to choose from: fitness, essential toning, advanced toning, upcoming event and post natal (yep! mama can tone up, too!).

You can choose to do it from 4-7 times per week all with little to no effort. You can literally sit on the couch or wash the dishes with the belt on and it’ll do the ab work for you. Each session is 25- 30 minutes long. Of course, paired with a healthy diet and some regular exercise you’ll have the best results. It is said that the results come within 6-8 weeks. Not too shabby. I started my set but forgot my belt while traveling so I started my sessions over. I’m still early in on my program but will be sure to share results. In said app, they have an area where you can store your before and after progress pics.


The app has a built in points system to encourage you. For each session you are awarded F.I.T points based on how much you turned up the frequency during your session. It will tell you how many F.I.T points you earned, max intensity, average intensity, target intensity (all of which are out of 100), weekly progress and program progress. If you’re a bit forgetful you can also set an alarm through the app to remind you to start your session.

In my time using the connect abs belt I can tell you that at first the sensation feels very weird. It’s almost like a combination of pins and a pulling feeling. Something like someone pulling your muscles. I really wondered if my abs were getting the workout it claims but the day after my first 30 min session I felt it. I was sore! You quickly get accustomed to the feeling – and I’m not crazy but – if you skip a session or two you’ll start to miss it. It’s kind of addicting actually, and that’s not a bad thing. If you practice yoga, run, or exercise here & there, adding the toning belt to your regime can strengthen your results. I did a 30 minute ab class with the belt on and got a great workout in. It’s like a double whammy when you have it on but I personally prefer to have my sessions without an additional workout.
Now that I’ve racked up a bunch of work and have no key races coming up, I’ve dwindled down on my training. With the ab belt I can atleast tone back up and stay “active” while keeping in line with my work. It’s also great for when I’m traveling, because who actually makes it to the gym on vacation?? Okay maybe a few of you, but I’d say the majority won’t. A quick 30 minute session in the hotel while you get ready to head out will have you set.


The Slendertone Connects abs belt is available for $229.99 on You can also buy additional gel pads separately as it is advised you change them every 20-30 sessions, depending on how frequently you use it.

***Belt fits sizes 24″-42″ / 61cm-107cm***

Your Chance to Get Summer Ready

If the Slendertone Connect abs is just what you need to get toned up, enter below for your chance to win!

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