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February Round Up: Rookie Runner Adventures Continue

To keep from boring you with updates from week to week, I thought it would be better to do monthly round-ups on how my training has been going. February has proved to be a pretty challenging month for me as I continue on the rookie runner road with all of these damn newbie issues. I guess that’s part of the process right? Anyhoo.


Late January I found out the cause of my IT band pain – I was a heel striker (ouch!). Ever since then I’ve been working on correcting my form landing on the correct part of my feet. Since my body isn’t used to landing on that spot the transition has been a bit difficult but I am making progress….. But before progress of course I had to get another boo boo.

First week of this month I went for a short run – 3 miles. That next Monday I decided to take a 5 mile stroll and I had some aching knee pain, similar to what I was feeling in the right but just on the left this time. Ugh. Again? Yup. Again!


I slowed it down and went for a MRI to make sure I didn’t tear anything because the pain was a bit different from what I knew it to be like on my left. This pain stuck around even after running – it hurt to walk, bend, sit, breathe – whatever. On Friday of that same week my MRI was done and the results came in 4 days later. Good to know I hadn’t torn anything but I did have a slight bone bruise on the inside of my left knee and some IT band swelling. Hallelujah – let the recovery begin. I had rolled, stretched and aggressively iced my knee for two weeks straight and voila, I was pretty much pain free. I’ve gotten a few miles in and all is well so far but I do plan to take it easy – can’t get too crazy and end up hurt.





In addition to stretching + rolling daily and attending strength sessions I also decided to add something new into the routine: SWIMMING! I haven’t gone swimming in such a long time but I had a session earlier this week and it got me a bit more excited to swim. Will be in the pool at least once a week going forward.


In the meantime I will continue to keep up with the routine I have now so I can stay on my game for the upcoming running season – which starts on March 22nd, 2015 for me ! I’ll  be running the Georgia Publix Half Marathon. Many other races confirmed through the summer and yes, I am officially running the 2015 TCS NYC Marathon as well. Check back for my next update and of course – feel free to ask me any questions!

Ciao till’ next time!