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#TCSNYCMarathon Training: How Long Are These Long Runs??

Today marks exactly 39 days until showtime aka the TCS NYC Marathon. If you're reading my blog for the first time - I (Janelle) am currently training and this will be my first full...

#TCSNYCMarathon Training: Running Bridges in New York City

Happy August! Training for a full marathon is like having another job. Between working and training I haven't had much of a break - but I try not to complain as I know it will...

Tis The Season To Be Training! #BKHalf2015

Consider this my wrap up for March madness! Better late than never - plus Easter was early this year (so give me a break, haha). Now, lets cut to the chase. Last month I...

February Round Up: Rookie Runner Adventures Continue

To keep from boring you with updates from week to week, I thought it would be better to do monthly round-ups on how my training has been going. February has proved to be a...