Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, elite, casual gym goer or anything in between – we can all relate when it comes to having tired, sore, achy muscles at times. Maybe you work all day, maybe you’ve had a super workout that has you sore – whatever it is, the BodyForm foam roller is the perfect tool to assist. I spotted this roller at Pepcom during CES 2015 and was stoked to check it out.

Brookstone has partnered with fitness expert Dolvett Quince (who you may recall from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” ) to launch this product. The overall mission is to help athletes and the everyday person live happy and healthy lifestyles by incorporating recovery massage into their daily routines.



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In my case, I like to run so I use a foam roller on a daily basis to roll out tightness before and after my runs. It’s pretty key to keeping my muscles / tight IT bands in check.  I’ve been using this foam roller for a few weeks now so I will tell you about that experience below!


Why Would I Foam Roll?

Foam rolling has many benefits including:

  • Releasing tension in muscles and increase blood flow
  • Works to help stretch soft tissue and release lactic acid build up
  • Assists with improving flexibility / range of motion
  • Lets you target specific areas like the IT band, Quadriceps, Calves, Glutes, Hamstrings, Feet and Back


At first sight… it’s not the smallest roller I’ve owned, but it’s not meant to be a carry around item. It’s ideal for the office or home. BUT, I like mine so I actually do carry the giant thing around town (in the handy storage bag it comes with). It’s also a bit heavy (very durable) but again – the choice is yours.


The vibration options are on the end of the roller, allowing 3 different speeds. On the other end you have a handle, that also comes out allowing some storage space (where I store a lacrosse ball for deep muscle attention), and right beneath is where you insert the 4 C batteries you need to put in it to get that vibration going.



The bumps and ridges are pretty helpful – as they allow you to get into those muscles. What I usually do is find a tender spot and sit on top of the ridges for a moment – sometimes even add some vibration for a few seconds. After, I continue to roll out the kinks slowly.



As stated earlier – I am already very familiar with foam rolling and benefit from the relief it gives my muscles. The difference that sets this roller apart from my others is the deep tissue vibration feature. Although I don’t use it as often as others may, it comes in handy for those times I want a back and foot massage (which is where I enjoy using that feature the most). The ridges and bumps in the roller are definitely helpful and when needed I use the vibration for a little extra deep massaging.

It’s definitely a unique feature to have in a foam roller. If you’re on a budget – this could be the perfect one time deal, do all the massaging yourself instead of spending on massages 😉 – 10-15 minutes of rolling daily can make all the difference in how your body/muscles feel. Treat them right! Even on those days I don’t go for a run – I still foam roll.

For those who have never used a roller or are inexperienced, it comes with a small book that can assist and I also have these quick snips of me using the roller below. Find a tender spot – take some time on it and feel so much better after! It definitely helps me prevent injury caused by tight glutes/IT bands etc.





The BodyForm Foam roller is available at Brookstone locations and online at Brookstone.com. It retails for $69.99 and will start to ship on March 17th, 2015. It’s not the cheapest roller out there but most quality rollers start at about $40 dollars so if you roll / enjoy deep massaging often you might as well invest in a roller that will do it all and last a while.


*Disclaimer: I was provided with a sample unit to review. All opinions are my own.


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