Blue Cross Broad Street 10 Mile Run (2017 Race Recap)

Blue Cross Broad Street Run [2017 Race Recap]

Broad Street Run Welcome. – Photo by: Shot By JDM

It Is Way. Too. Early.

I had a 3:30am wake up call and I had gone to sleep at 11:30pm so I was definitely tired. Even on the days I get little sleep, the excitement and adrenaline on race day always keeps me up. Ideally I’d like a full nights sleep but you know… life happens.

My run buddy and I arrived Philly and parked at the finish line, because there was no way we were dealing with the Septa (train) going back. We were very early so we linked up with some friends and hung out in their van to keep warm and kill time. The amount of people out there was tremendous! I kind of felt like I was in the starting village for the NYC Marathon all over again.

After the race horn blew and corrals started being released, we hopped out and jumped into our corral. At this point the sun had come out and it was already shaping out to be a beautiful day to run through Philly via Broad street. Now, I’m not from Philadelphia, I’m pretty close but have never really toured that area. It was nice to see so many different sides of this city.


Strong start with another corral catching up in the distance. – Photo by: Shot By JDM

The Course

The course for this race is a flat 10 mile straight-away. It’s really the perfect place to score your ten-mile PR. Besides a small incline it’s flat and fun. The crowd support was amazing and I was really amazed because I didn’t know what to expect! People came out in numbers to cheer runners on and many brought their furry friends out too! I’m definitely a dog person so that stuck out for me. Passing Temple was definitely a time to remember – the marching band was out and the energy picked up which always makes you run a bit faster till you realize you have to chill.

The race flew by for me since so much was going on. You don’t really notice you’ve already gotten far along because the course is enjoyable and keeps you distracted in a way. Making that turn a bit more than halfway mark really reminded me of hitting 5th avenue of the NYC marathon. People were on both sides cheering and having a blast with us. The last 2 miles of the race wasn’t exciting sighting wise but the crowd support really made up for that. I was so shocked to see such large a crowd out there but it’s just so amazing it keeps the spirits up. The same goes for the last 200 of the race. Super support to end off a wonderful flat race day complete with great weather, till I hit the finish line. As soon as we crossed it started raining – perfect timing because it was warm and became the perfect cool down.

Broad Street Run 2017 Medal – Photo by: Shot By JDM

Finish line

Overall this was a very organized race but the finish line was a partial disaster. At the end of any race lots of people get excited and want to sprint in strong. After the timing mat all of the runners came to a halt which seemed a bit dangerous to me because it began to pile up a bit. The flow was backed up on the way to the recovery bags and medals. There were two directions to get to the recovery area but it was so congested it took a while. The bag area came first but then the congestion from the medal distribution area kept the flow from moving ahead. After getting up front to get my medal I saw why. They were opening brand new boxes of medals and handing them out which was taking some time. Maybe a few more hands or opening the boxes before hand would have made for a better flow but no race is perfect. This is also the largest 10 miler in the US…. so that is a major factor. If you’re around next year and want to support, it would be a great race to volunteer for.

We had to walk quite a distance to the parking lot then was literally stuck in the parking lot for 2 hours trying to get out because one area was closed and there wasn’t anyone really directing traffic out of the lot. This was probably the worst part because everyone was tired, hungry, sweaty and all that good stuff. I ended up slumped in the back seat (for a much needed nap) and eventually we got out of the lot to brunch. Yay. Not my typical brunch meal but I got what I was craving.

Drakes Tavern Brunch – Traditional Burger

This is a wonderful race and I definitely hope to do it again next year. If you were looking for a great flat race for your PR I highly recommend this one – but it is by lottery. Good luck and thanks for reading! 🙂