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Birth of The Fitness Craze: 72 Flight Stair Climb For Cancer Research

I finished college in January after a long four years and I was finally blessed with some time for myself. Since I already had a full-time job I wondered what I could get into, since I always have to be doing something.

IMG_2136.PNG Many friends of mine were active in the fitness world and seeing them do it up was so inspiring to me. They would tag me in activities and I wouldn’t really follow through and do them. But, something triggered in me one day in February when I was tagged in a post for a stair climb for cancer research – and this did it for me. I could relate because I have lost family members to cancer and it was to raise money for cancer research. So, what did I do? I went on ahead and signed up for the Runyon Up stair climb and joined team Atlantic and Friends to raise money and climb 72 flights for a good cause.

I had two months until the actual event, so I decided to clean up my diet (no more crown fried chicken and struggle ramen noodles everyday) because I had much more time to cook and dedicate to my health. In addition I started working out, I didn’t know what to expect for the climb so I had to prepare. Since I was paid and signed up, I started to raise money and get active any way I could (Nike Training club, Yoga, SoulCyle etc.).

April 3rd rolled around soon enough and I completed the 72 flight challenge in a little over 20 minutes. Funny how this whole experience has motivated me to dedicate time to fitness and health. A instagram post from a friend has gone such a long way. It gave me the little boost I needed to kickstart my fitness craze and now it’s a lifestyle. That’s what hanging around motivated people will do, and this can be you too.





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