My First Tri: Bassman Triathlon Sprint 2016 (Race Recap + Video)

This past Sunday I participated in the Bassman Triathlon sprint in Tuckerton, New Jersey. It was my very first triathlon and my overall experience was great. I’m still not sure what possessed me to want to do a triathlon, but if I can, why not? The day before I ran the AirBnB Brooklyn Half Marathon, so I took it easy because I knew I had the tri the next day. I still felt it a bit on race morning – being that it was my first run since the New Jersey Marathon.

In addition to running, I’ve been swimming/cycling off and on for the past year so I was ready for the sprint distance, at least. Prior to the race I hadn’t swim in a wet-suit, and darn sure not in a lake!

Listening to the Half Distance Prep…. Scared!

Since there were several races going on the same day, I was able to see them start first. I did the sprint so we started last. Watching the half distance swim prep and start made me hella nervous. The water seemedĀ cold and the buoys looked so far!!! People brought their puppies to the race, I met Remy who made me smile. She almost ran off with someone’s flip-flops! Too cute. My inner dog loverĀ made me approach her and ask her owners about her. That calmed me down a bit, she was there for support!

Playing with Remy!

The half distance start was amazing. I spotted someone walking along the water in the back and thought that it wouldn’t be too bad out there if he could stand… But then again he’s much taller than I am. I’m only a wee 4’10. I tried to put my feet down during the swim to see if my feet touched and they didn’t. Feeling the weeds and whatever else was down there touch my feet freaked me out. I started to panic slightly but then flipped over to relax for a second. I was at the first buoy already. I also finally got accustomed to putting my head into the water so I swam to the second buoy pretty quickly and before I knew it the swim was over! I thought it would be the worst part but it actually felt good.

Ready to go!!
Looking at the map, knowing I would be lost. LOL

The bike leg was probably the worst for me if I had to pick. I didn’t know where I was going half the time, but I guess that was my fault. My watch stopped after the swim portion so I had no idea as to even what mile I was on. I thought there would be more markers on the course but they were very far apart. The first mile marker I came across was mile 5. It was red – the color for sprint distance, so I knew I was on the right path. For a lot of the time I was by myself on the road since the race wasn’t huge. I’ve never seen weeds so high! I’m a city girl….. I don’t play out in the woods much. But the sights were pretty nice. The next mile marker was at mile 10. I slowed down a bit the last 2 miles to try and prepare for the quick run. I’m not all TOO used to that feeling right off the bike. It’s just something you can’t describe. Think…. Baby giraffe trying to walk …. Wobble really.

Beginning of the run leg… Stride still on point!

The run portion was a quick 3.1 mile run. At first my legs felt like bricks but by a mile in they felt a bit more loose. We had to run through wooded areas, and a trail with some sand but altogether it wasn’t the worst. It was done quickly and before I knew it, I became a triathlete!

I finished! Yay!! Sprint done!

I really enjoyed this experience and I do plan to do a few more through the summer, in addition to some open water swimming practice. My ultimate goal is to do a half ironman – the hardest part will be picking which one! Stay tuned!

First place AG 25-29. First Race!


Photo/Video credit to: James McCollum of LetsGoImagery