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    Facebook Messenger App Expands To iPad

    VIA MaseTV.com: Facebook has made the update! You can now chat with your friends via the Facebook Messenger app on your iPad. Just like on the iPhone, you can send your friends big weird smileys on your iPad via the new Facebook messenger app. The new app allows you to chat without having Facebook open, send photos, have group chat, texting abilities to people not on your FB chat list, make calls, see when messages have been read and more. Wanna chat now? Get the universal iOS chat app on your device now at the APP Store HERE

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    Monster Mobile Powercard Portable Battery [Review]

    Being that I am always on the go, I always face the issue of my phone dying when I need it the most. These are the times where the Monster Powercard Portable battery has had my back. Features: The power card is packed with a 1650 mAh battery, allowing up to almost two phone charges most times.  It is very small and compact, often compared to a credit card, but of course it’s not that skinny. You can easily throw it in your pocket and bring it along with you. It is a universal charger, so you can charge just about any smartphone including Blackberry. In addition it has a…

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    JBL Synchros E40BT Wireless Headphones [Review]

    JBL announced the launch of their new headphone line dubbed the Synchros E Series. The line includes the Synchros E10 in ear, E30BT, E40BT, and the E50BT. Thanks to JBL, I was able to get my hands on the Synchros E40 Wireless Bluetooth headphones. Here’s the scoop on these bad boys. Design/Style The E40BT‘s come in a 5 colors; red, white, blue, black and purple . In addition to the bold color way that is bound to make a statement they are also very snug fitting and lightweight. The leatherette ear cup cushions make the fit very comfortable and also assist with eliminating outside noise. The headband extends easily and the 3D…