Acumobility Mobility Ball: Self-Massage Greatness (Review)

Level 1 mobility balls

As a frequent runner and lover of exercise, I’ve come to use many tools to assist with keeping this temple in tip-top shape. Lets be a bit more specific here: I’m talking about all of the devices needed to get the knots out of those tight muscles, catering to sore achy feet and more. I’ve become familiar with the lacrosse ball, golf ball, the stick, all of the torture rollers, massage therapy and more. All of these do work to some degree but when I discovered the Acumobility ball, this took the idea of self-massage and trigger point release to a new level.

Oh? Tell me more.

The Level 1 mobility ball is a great device used to target troublesome areas with trigger point techniques. It’s made of full medical grade silicone and the best part is that it doesn’t slip because it’s flat at the bottom. Because of this, you’re able to dig deep into problem areas and really hit those kinks. This is especially great for all of those hard to reach areas. If you’re in need of more pressure than a level 1 ball can provide, you can use a level 2 ball for very deep trigger point release.

mobility ball working the glutes

You use it where? How Sway?

I specifically use the mobility ball to target my tight glutes, back, and I also use it to massage my feet. Though you can target many other areas, these are the areas I frequent and my has this ball done me some justice. Just jumping back into the game after a little hiatus, I’m finding myself a bit more tight than usual. I am all for massage therapy, but it can be quite expensive and I don’t always have the budget to pamper myself that much. In the meantime the mobility ball has addressed knots and provides relief just when I need it, in the comfort of my own home. It’s also perfect for traveling with.

mobility ball on the foot

Ok, enough. I’m sold. Where do I get one?

It’s best you get two Acumobility balls, especially if you plan to address your neck & back. You can have one (or two!) of your own for $24.95 each here!

Also, feel free to check out some videos of techniques you could use the ball for here.